Chris A. Baird | June 7, 2022
How to Self Publish Your Book | Step by Step 2022

Want to self-publish but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to self publish your book | step by step 2022 to serve as your guide.

Knowing The Pain Of Traditional Publishing

Jennifer saw self-publishing as this enormous mountain of Everest proportions. The reason was that when she was thinking about self-publishing and Googling it, she saw that there were thousands of steps and choices that you could make in the self-publishing process.

That made the whole thing very confusing. That's the reason why in today's article, I'm going to tell you how to self publish your book | step by step 2022. The thing was it was several months ago and Jennifer was on Quora.

She had a whole series of questions. That's when she approached me about her very first novel. Now her first novel is in a fantasy world with fairies and other things like that.

But the question was after she had written in what she had completed, what did she do with it next? That was a huge challenge that she had wanted to get the book onto Amazon and into the market. So that people could buy the book.

But the problem is she had heard there were issues with going with hybrid publishers. Trying to go through the hassle of getting a traditional publisher to pick up and publish her book. She started to Google the whole self-publishing option.

That made things even more difficult. Because she saw that there were so many steps in self-publishing. It made her begin to wonder if this was even possible.

Well, the thing is that she wasn't just going to let her manuscript just sit there without ever getting published. In addition, she had a whole series of other books and novels in the same fairy fantasy world that she wanted to get onto the market.  

But what was the problem? She began to think, “I don't have the energy and maybe the technical know-how to go through these thousands of steps on self-publishing. I don't want to go with a hybrid publishing option.”

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She knew traditional publishing was going to be too big of a mountain. It was going to be difficult for her in her very first book to go that route. So, the very first thing she did was she checked out a little bit more about the hybrid publishing route.

She discovered that these hybrid publishers end up controlling everything about the book. They're going to have it on their sales dashboard on Amazon. You're not going to be able to see it.

You're completely dependent upon them telling you how many sales were made or weren't made. Once they've got the money from you, they are not so interested in maintaining contact and seeing how things are going. Rather, it's only about upselling.

She also saw that many people who had gone that route wanted to change things with their books. That also triggered some problems. Because that would charge you a hundred dollars for each one.

When the books weren't selling at all, they'd say, okay for a thousand dollars have a marketing package to sell. And this was simply something she didn't want to get into. One final on this hybrid side, she tried to find forms of people who were so happy with the results.

That they went back multiple times on this whole thing. She was having difficulty finding any forms of these people. They could find people on the sales pages that would give testimonials

But when it came to the actual afterward, it just seemed like many of them were not coming back again. It was like it was done, they tried it one time and it simply didn't work.

So, the second thing she decided was, “What if I just take my manuscript as is and upload it? Let Amazon do its little cover or these sorts of things.” The problem was that her manuscript was getting rejected by Amazon.

Going Through The Phases

So, trying the easy quick route or the free route? It also wasn't particularly working because she was thinking, “Well the steps are just too advanced, I'm never going to be able to figure out all of these steps involved in self-publishing on Amazon.”

“I'll just see if I can just throw it out there and see if that will work.” That simply did not work and that was when she contacted me on Quora. She asked the absolute most common question that people ask me on Quora which is, how do I get my book out onto the market?

How do I self-publish this book? What do I need to do? That was when I explained to her, that I said you should do a discovery session with me. It is what we did and you can also do a free Discovery Session just check that out. 

We can sit down and look at your situation as well. So, we have booked a discovery session on Zoom where we were able to take a closer look at her situation. I pointed out to her that there are five phases when it comes to self-publishing that you're not going to want to ignore.

This is the key to how to self publish your book | step by step 2022. The first one is planning and planning means figuring out if there's even a market for your book. If you were to put your book on the market, are people going to buy it and how would you know that?

Are people buying similar books of your type already? So that's number one. Number two, is your market flooded? So many books of your type that it's going to be impossible for you to break through the noise of all these other ones.

So that your book could get onto that first page when they're searching for a book. Or if you're going to run ads that the ads cost the bidding price that you're going to put. It is going to have to be so high that it's going to be unreasonable.

We want to make sure in the planning phase that we're choosing not only a profitable niche. But also, the keywords that we're using in the title and subtitle. This is the top mistake that self-publishers make regularly.

The second thing is creating the content. Now, she has already done this. And so, in this case, it would also be creating it and getting the editing done on this particular thing.

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That's your second major phase and those are the steps involved there. The third is using formatting. For the formatting steps, I use Jutoh which is my favorite program to go through this entire process. 

To make it very easy and then I show people through my formatting course how to use Jutoh. I’ll hold your hand and we will go one on one if needed. As we go back and forth to ensure your book gets formatted into the correct format. 

So that we can get this book onto the market and sell it. Then comes our fourth phase which is the distribution phase. My policy is I want it in all of the formats.

We're first targeting your Kindle book version and your paperback. Now with Jutoh, it's going to have it available. So, it'll work great, your Kindle paperback and your hardcover books are all covered with Jutoh's formatting process.

So, we'll have all of those under control and we'll get it posted. Then we're going to move on to the audiobook format. Which is a lot easier than you may think it sounds.

I remember the first time I thought I couldn't possibly get my books into audiobook format. That was a completely incorrect statement there. It's not that difficult to get the books into audiobook format.

But you have to have the Kindle version if you want to get it onto ACX Audible. So that was one of the next steps. But remember, we're not doing all these at the same time.

We're focusing on one phase and one step in that phase at a time. This is the sort of thing we do during the discovery session. We're breaking it all down. 

Getting Things Done

Then the final phase is the marketing phase. We're going to use paid ads because people are not just looking for your name or your title. They're going to use paid ads.

We're also going to make sure that we're going to use content marketing. That's the reason I sell a Content Marketing Course to help you figure out how to do the long term.

The cheapest most profitable way of marketing your books is by having channels that you're marketing it through. Where you're creating content on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Then we're simply putting this content out regularly. 

It's going to take 2 to 3 years. We're going to start to see traffic building up for our specific books. We're going to see more people coming in, and getting on our email list.

And then we're continuing this process as we go around. It's like turning a crank, it takes a while to get things going. Like priming the pump just to get that first water to come out.

But then when it starts to come, it comes fast. This is the key to how to self publish your book | step by step 2022. That was what I was telling her.

So, she decided to start working through these phases here. But then suddenly realized that each phase had multiple layers. Each step could be done because the reality is that each step in these phases can go very deep.

But then she remembered something I told her which was only that our job is not perfect. Our job is each time we go around the phases, to get better each time. Our first goal is just to simply move through the steps and get something done that follows those steps.

It's not the perfect audiobook. It's not the perfect paperback. But just getting through the steps is the most important thing when we're first getting started.

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The thing is that she did move through these steps. Her book is still not finished, she's working through it. But I can tell you one thing, she's no longer experiencing the overwhelm, and that was the biggest thing.

If you talk to my clients, this is the number one issue. You're not going to have this deep feeling on your chest pressing that you're being overwhelmed with too many steps.

I only have one thing in mind and people who have gone through my 101 Self-Publishing Program understand that the one thing we're focused on is what is the next thing. To move the needle forward. To get this book published and get this bookselling.

Then the next question is what about the next book you see? And so we're turning this into a crank. As we're moving it through, we're putting more and more books on the market.

Each time, we're getting better at these steps. Since we're self-publishing, we can go back and fix issues we had with our previous books. Our goal is not perfection, our goal is simply getting something good enough out there.

That we can learn how to make it even better. So this is something that so many people make mistakes in. When they're trying to determine which types of books or what they're going to be doing in 2022.

One of the questions that sometimes comes up is this issue of when you're doing let's say looking at what profitable books are out there? Many people have found an issue with the subject of having low-content books.

I've had some students approach me on that exact subject. That's the reason why you're going to want to check out the Dangers Of Publishing Low Content Books! 

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