Chris A. Baird | May 20, 2020
Finding An Amazon KDP Mentor?

Finding An Amazon KDP Mentor? I understand that you have a lot of questions regarding the process on how to do it successfully on Amazon. Find out the options that might help you find an Amazon KDP mentor.

Before I answer this question, I want to let you know, the fourth answer to this particular question is a hot tip you are not going to want to miss and it is a bit surprising.

Let's get right into it. So, the question I received today was, finding an Amazon KDP mentor who can help me to make the first sale on Amazon?

It's an outstanding question because you would least recognize that when it comes to making sales, you're probably not going to be able to guess how to produce a book or the proper way to market the book.

There are different things that are necessary to get going with your sales. So, there's a whole series of questions that are completely not clear.

Before I start, you can check out my free Self-Publishing Secrets Checklist to get you started with your self-publishing journey. In my story, I first started by just reading a Kindle book that told me how to produce Kindle books.

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It said something like how you can make Kindle books in 28 days or something along those lines. At first, I wasn't completely sure but I saw that if you just break it down to just some simple steps, it's not particularly all that hard to go about making your first book, putting it together.

You Can Google It Up

But then the sales part, it could be a little bit trickier. I attempt to just sell and didn't sell too much until I have taken some more courses and podcasts and all sorts of stuff.

So let's get right into the specific answers based upon my years of experience with 170 plus books. The first one is you can start by just Googling your questions on Youtube and following the instructions.

There is an awful lot of good content that is already out there. Simply by Googling a question of how do I make a cover? How do I produce a Mobi file?

How do I use Word or any of these sorts of things? How do I upload the files? How do I create an audiobook? Whatever it might be.

But in the question of Kindle sales, say, how do I sell Kindle books? It is very easy, Google it and you're usually going to end up some decent answers right from the start.

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The second thing is that don't forget to check out the checklist that I have created. It is a cheat sheet that goes to exactly the process of producing high-quality books. So make sure to check that out.

I Could Be Your Mentor

The third option is if you wish, I could be mentoring you for self-publishing. Just get in touch with me, you can do in the comments below, or contact me on one of my other areas.

If you want one-on-one help with your self-publishing to get your first sales, so I can look at your cover, your book, I can tell you exactly the necessary steps. So that's an option.

But the fourth, and that's what I told you, I told you that it's a hot tip. It's just to get started and hire anyone who has results that you want to see.

In other words, anyone who has managed to sell several Kindle books and has the results as a series of books out there. They're going to be able to tell you exactly. Most of these people already studied the thing, they are going to be able to get you through it.

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So this one here is a free option. You really don't have to have to pay to make money off of this particular route to get you started.

For the more advanced stuff, then you are going to need a little more one-on-one help with people who have proven success, that actually has done it. And also joining a community of people is also a great option. So that's another thing that I would do.

So what exactly have you found? Have you been finding an Amazon KDP mentor too? Go ahead and let me know and check out my other blogs and videos that will answer your self-publishing questions.

I will rephrase again investing in amazon KDP is worth, and do it now and become early bird beneficial

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