Chris A. Baird | January 20, 2023
Stop Using Fiverr For Ghostwriting

Have you been hiring those ghostwriters from Fiverr to do your books? I tell you, stop using Fiverr for ghostwriting now.

There are two ways of doing the self-publishing route and you can go both ways. I have tried them both and one of them is using ghostwriters. I'm going to tell you some of my experiences when I attempted to use Fiverr for ghostwriting and it did not work out so well at all. 

So, the thing is that when I first started writing, I discovered I was unable to write at a speed that would allow me that velocity of getting multiple books on the market. One of the things that were most amazing to me was when I first got going on the power of keywords. 

When you have chosen the correct keywords in the right market, you can pull in quite a bit of money in sales from Amazon. We're talking about books that are still getting between four and five-star reviews on them. 

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We're not talking about garbage books. We're talking about books that do it, especially within the non-fiction category. The thing is that you can only write so many books so fast. 

So, why not try some of these things? That was when I was first introduced to the idea that you can hire other people to write books in these profitable niches. I was thinking, well, what's the most affordable way to do this by using Fiverr? 

It is a website where you can pay like $5 and get a service provided to you and ghostwriting happens to be one of those services. Well, my initial experiences were very positive. 

I discovered this by having some short books ghostwritten for me on Fiverr and then selling them on Amazon since I already had learned all of the processes with the books that I had written myself, I suddenly started seeing some of these books outperforming my books. 

That was the real shocking moment. It was when I discovered that certain categories and topics of books continue to sell lots and lots of copies. The thing that you're personally interested in may be it isn't in a genre or niche or sub-niche that's actually all that profitable. 

So, you can pay other people to write but as I continued down this particular track, one of the things I discovered was that much of the rioting was done by people who were not natural English speakers. 

That was a bit of a problem for me since as the book came out, it required an awful lot of editing and the readers would be complaining about the quality of the editing. The person who would be doing the narration was also saying that the editing was not great on the books. 

Ordering From A Ghostwriter

That was also one of the reasons why I eventually moved over to Epic which I don't even know if they exist any longer. But there were a couple of ones, Writer Solutions I think was the other big one at the time but they were having some capacity issues. 

Now, a couple of the big ones we're looking at would be the Writing Summit, that's a definite option to go to look at. Another one is Urban Writers, these are all different companies that actually will do high-quality writing depending upon how much you're willing to pay.

I always would choose the premium payment to get the best services that they provide. These companies have been around for a long time and have a whole lot of writers. Many of the writers even come off of sites like Upwork. 

But these companies will do a lot of the groundwork and work through all of those writers that are on Upwork. Finding the best ones and then hiring them. Getting into a flow where they're taking orders. 

They're having these books ghostwritten and then they're sending them back to the people who did the requests and payments. Now, some of the prices can be quite high. If you're having a 30,000-word book, you could be paying a thousand dollars for that manuscript. 

But then again, it's going to be an insanely quality manuscript that your readers are going to love. Again, back to the keywords, if you're targeting the right keywords, then you're going to see sales on this particular book. 

So, one of the other things I discovered on the Fiverr side that made me pull away from it was that I would run all of the things that I get through Copyscape. I still will do it through any books that I would do ghostwriting. It is the program I use, I'm not an affiliate of theirs. 

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But the thing is that I'd be able to figure out if they are running it through, stealing this content from other places on the internet. There were one or two examples. Those people's accounts were banned. 

The problem is if I take in those documents without doing a plagiarism check, I very well could have put them onto Amazon and gotten myself in serious trouble. Because then I would have been accused of stealing somebody else's content which would be grounds to shut my account down. 

That's one of the reasons why I highly recommend using Copyscape or another program to run a plagiarism check. Ensure your books are original material and not stolen. The other thing is that there is no problem with finding writers who are out there. High-quality writers who are willing to do this. 

Getting The Top-Level Writers

Some people have a problem with ghostwriting. They think it's terrible, you should only write but want to write books yourself. Look, if you should and if you want to pay other people to write books for you, you can do that as well. 

It's more of an investment where we look at actually like if you're investing in stocks or mutual funds or bonds or crypto, whatever it might be, it's an investment in yourself. Because you've learned the skills as a writer. If you're following the tips that I teach here regularly, we're going through exactly how to do the self-publishing process. 

I specifically try to get you to do the formatting yourself. So that when you get one of these other books, you're able to do the formatting. You're able to do the style and everything. You're to put it exactly in the exact format. 

That would be expected of a professional grade book. Then we're just using these other books and you're able to do it. I found that because of the profits that would be coming in, you need a higher additional staff to help with the particular thing. 

It resulted in expanding my team size and training them on the same thing. This is the very reason I have the Book Formatting Course to help authors work through the process of getting their books formatted themselves. 

So, they do not need help from anyone else. You don't have to pay anyone else as you're doing formatting. But, as you can see, you'd get the manuscript back from Fiverr. I would run it through Grammarly, I run all of any books that are coming through Grammarly. 

In addition, I make sure they're native English speakers. I'm getting the top-level writers that they have and I'm also running everything through Copyscape to ensure that none of the content is stolen. I've never had an example where it didn't where we did end up having a problem there. 

But I would say if all of the companies, I would probably recommend Writer Summit. It's the most affordable. That would be my top pick, you could afford the pricing. Go on to Upwork and attempt to find your writers there. 

You don't have somebody else doing the managing of these teams. Somebody who's tested and vetted them out. Rather, anybody can post out there to say they're going to do ghostwriting for you. 

Then, the stuff that you get back may be of quality. Maybe it's not, even if you see that there's a major problem there. That's one of the reasons when you're moving through the different steps, whether you're doing the writing yourself, once you've finished writing, or if you've done the research, your books will also sell. 

But if you haven't done the research right, if you start from the very beginning and focus on the marketing even before you've written the book and are choosing the right categories. You can just hire other people to write the books as well. Just to increase the speed at which we're putting books on the market. 

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So many authors think that just putting a single book on the market, should be sufficient to get the sales that you want to get for your books. I'm telling you, it's simply not going to work for you. One or two books aren't going to do it. We're going to need a series of books. 

Keep on putting books onto the market. And as you go, you're going to get faster. With the money that you're making, you can then hire a team to help you with this process. That's one of the reasons I particularly like to go with

I've just recently been expanding the size of my team through this exact website. It's a fantastic website, very easy to find professional people who are incredibly skilled at the different tasks that you have them do. From formatting to helping with editing, to all of the different things that you would have in this process. 

But I would stay away from Fiverr for this particular task. I do use Fiverr for a lot of other tasks including cover designs. Check that out and you'll find my recommended cover designer for Fiverr on that front. So, I hope you found this helpful, and if you'd like to find more information related to this and other tips, check out my other blogs and videos.

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